About The Company

Quaeritur Legal is a unique collaboration of people from diverse educational backgrounds working together to make India a legally empowered country. We, at Quaeritur Legal, aim to provide Legal Solutions to people with efficient utilization of technology.

Our company was founded 2015 when young entrepreneurs decided to change the existing legal scenario in India.

We firmly believe that knowledge is power. In information lies the potential to stir revolutions against the oppressors, and the potential to save lives in times of distress. We aim to provide legal guidance to the common folk as a part of the tryst as free. As a company, we want to insure that the justice is done.

Current Projects

Before The Court

Before The Court is a question and answer based web application where one can ask, discuss, and share legal information within the community which mainly consist of law experts and legal help seekers. Find us at http://www.beforethecourt.com/


Abhishek Kumar

Co-founder and Managing Director

Abhishek has always been a dreamer. He believes that hard work and dedication are answers to any problem one faces in one’s life. Keeping in mind the need for a platform to bring legal debates into the public sphere and the need to increase awareness among the people, Abhishek conceptualized and put into motion the primary project of the company, Before the Court. He has a vast practical knowledge of consumer rights in India, and has developed a keen interest in Human rights and Combat Law. His consistent zeal and visionary ideas have set in motion an initiative the in its fullest potential can change how we look at the study of law today.

Shesha Karthik

Director and Co-Founder

Having a soft corner for animals, Sheshu is an Animal rights activist and has worked with NGO’s and Government organization in rescuing and rehabilitation of animals. He has an experience in criminal procedure and is actively engaged in litigation. He has a unique story for every situation, and every conversation you have with him will be nothing like the one before.

Samyak Dhoke

Director and Co-Founder

An avid reader with a keen sense of politics, Samyak is currently pursuing Law at National Law University, Odisha. He roots for the voiceless and has a keen interest in Humanitarian Law, Politics and International Relations. He manages to mesmerize everyone with his photographs every one of which has a story to tell.

Shadab Ali


The man with words. With his impressive communication skills, Shabad tends to grab everyone’s attention. After working with three start-ups Shadab is now working with Quaeritur Legal.

Shubham Choudhary


A business management student with a vision to open unique food joint chain in India has Interest • Plans to establish a chain of food restaurant • Keen to work with some of the intelligent minds and to take this firm to pinnacle. Achievements • Business management student. • Participated in events like INSIGHT, LFW. • Working with NGO named MUQTAANGAM and an active member of ROTRACT CLUB,PUNE. Contributed in several welfare programmes a polio drops mission, happy streets.

Meenal Bhargava

Meenal serves as an Editorial Writer in a newspaper ‘Changing Tomorrow’ based in Jaipur, India. She is pursuing Bachelor of Arts from Kanoria P.G. College, Jaipur, and has vast experience in working with NGOs of national and international repute. Besides this, Meenal is a photographer and has covered various events in India.

Mamta Jain

Winner of Kalpana Chawla Memorial Award in 2013, Mamta is pursuing Baccalaureates of Law at National Law University, Odisha. She has exceptional skills in ADR and management, and currently heads the content team at Before the Court.

Shivangi Shukla

A law student and an avid researcher in the field, Shivangi has an in depth knowledge of law. She has worked with NGOs, which function at the grass root level to create legal awareness among the commoners. With her hard work and dedication she proves to be an sincere member of the family.

Prachi Prakash

Currently functioning as a Writer and Director at AD Productions, Prachi has a keen interest in film making dramatics, photography, picture stories, and reading books. Her positive attitude and perseverance proves to be an invaluable asset at Before the Court.

Sanya Rastogi

If you are looking for help of any kind, Sanya will always be ready to help you in anyway. A very compassionate girl aims to study Humanitarian Law in depth and help the society in any way she can. Quaeritur Legal and Sanya shares same compassion.

Stuti Singh

Her love for dogs is only paralleled by her love for law. Stuti is currently pursuing her dream of being a part of the Indian Judiciary, by studying at Amity Law School, Lucknow. Her work experience includes extensive internships at courts in Uttar Pradesh.

Shivani Mane

An UPSC aspirant, Shivani has involved herself in the cause for right to information since 2015. She also aspires to explore her interests in the area of international humanitarian law. With her jolly attitude, Shivani brings a lot of energy into the team and leaves a lasting impression on every one she interacts with.


Shamvil Raza

CEO & Co-founder, FitSquare

A person with excellent technical knowledge and marketing skills, Shamvil has contributed immensely in creating the whole technological infrastructure of Quaeritur Legal and its projects. It is very true that without Shamvil Before the Court would have remained an idea that never say day light.

Avinash Chandra

CEO, Kastha LLC (USA)

With a background in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Entrepreneurship, Avinash attended Texas Christian University. He is a tech-entrepreneur who has worked with several technology based start-ups and is now involved with Quaeritur Legal as an advisor.

Pranshu S. Raghuvansh

CTO, Kastha LLC (USA)

In working at Kastha, Pranshu has helped many start-ups in the spheres of marketing and technology. With his acumen and experience, we are proud to have him as an advisor.

Prakhar Raja Bisnoi

A National Law University, Odisha graduate: has helped Quaeritur Legal envision for what it is right now and what it can turn out to be in future. With his experience and legal know how, he is an asset to the company.

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